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Embody Vulva Mirror

Embody Vulva Mirror

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An absolute essential for every vulva owner.

Allows easy visualisation of vulva for:

  • Regular necessary health checks for "down there" health (e.g. colour changes, differences in lubrication, sun spot detection etc.)*
  • Visual biofeedback for pelvic floor muscle connection, co-ordination and optimisation 
  • Body image healing and acceptance
  • Sexual healing 
  • Ultimate embodiment 
  • Self-discovery**

* Make this a habit. At least monthly vulva checks are recommended (around the same time you may do a breast self-examination).

** Learn your own anatomy. This is an extremely important part of your body that takes a little extra effort to observe. The goal of the Embody Vulva Mirror is to make this easier. 


Pelvic health physiotherapists recommend a mirror to your vulva to enhance motor control of your pelvic floor muscles, which are important for bladder & bowel function, sexual function and if tight or overactive, can contribute to pelvic pain (e.g. period pain). We recommend guidance from your health care professional if you are uncertain on what you should be seeing and feeling. 



    • Adjustable handle for easy hold
    • Stand for handsfree with 180 degree angle for optimal tilt
    • 2-sided mirror with normal and magnification options for improved visual acuity 
    • Mirror diameter: 12cm 
    • Handle length: 10cm
    • Includes Embody™ Mirror drawstring storage pouch
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