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Perineal Massage Bundle

Perineal Massage Bundle

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The Perineal Massage Bundle is designed to assist in late pregnancy for labour & empowered birth preparation.

Use the Embody Vulva Mirror handsfree for ease of visualisation to make perineal massage easier and assist in pelvic floor connection (easy-to-use angling stand or option to hold).

We love oil-based Olive & Bee natural lubricant for safe and no-mess perineal massage.


Did you know there is recent evidence for perineal massage in late pregnancy reducing risk of significant  perineal tearing during childbirth?


Further, recent research suggests that approximately one third women contract their pelvic floor muscles when trying to push. This increases the chance of slowed second stage labour (pushing). Visual 'biofeedback' with a mirror in late pregnancy assists in connection & control of pelvic floor muscles for confident and empowered birthing.

 On average, up to 80% of women experience some degree of perineal tearing during their first vaginal delivery. Of these, approximately 10% are significant 3rd or 4th degree (also known as OASI or obstetric anal sphincter injury). Let's change the narrative and prepare for confident birthing!

Be guided by your health care professional on correct and safe technique

Bundle and save - includes
 Embody canvas storage pouch + FREE SHIPPING over $49

  • Embody Vulva Mirror
  • Olive & Bee 55ml
  • Embody canvas storage pouch
  • Posted safely & discreetly
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